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MetaForce FAQ

What is Meta Force?
Meta Force is an upgrade to the popular Forsage. Meta Force Founded by Lado Okhotnikov, the original Founder of Forsage. Meta Force is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You earn in Dollars/DAI stablecoin and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet. Meta Force Forsage is a global decentralized crypto-earning platform that is coded on one of the top-most blockchain technology in the world, the Polygon Blokchain. To help people dreams come true, we came up with a huge community to educate people on how they can utilise this platform well and earn a lot of money. Force is an ecosystem that is more powerful than Forsage a thousand times.
Meta Force Official Video:

Force is the #1 DEFI platform, there are income opportunities for both passive and active participants, and for those who want to find the most promising coin - you won’t find a better crypto than ours. Force is the intersection of many different directions in cryptocurrency. Some will be interested in play-to- earn games, some will be interested in creating NFTs, and others will be interested in Internet marketing tools. Passive income in Force is economically justified. There are no pyramid schemes here. The growth of the coin is based on the expansion of use and growth in demand, with a limited emission. Staking is built on a unique scheme in which staking itself is production.Force is an ecosystem that is more powerful than Forsage a thousand times. Here are some of the Features of the Force, Meta Force Ecosystem:
Forcecoin, NFT,s Marketplace, Metaverse & Web 3.0, Traders Club ,S3 & S6 Combined, Force Classic Program, Force Boost  Program, Marketing Tools & Etc, Staking and much more.

Why choose DAI stablecoin instead of USDT?
Developed and managed by MakerDAO, DAI is the first decentralized underlying stablecoin. DAI is issued by the full mortgage of digital assets, and is anchored at 1:1 with the US dollar, 1 DAI = 1 US dollar. Because the collateral is hard currency and the mortgage rate is high enough, it is the most stable stable currency with the least risk as a whole. Although USDT is currently widely used, it belongs to centralized issuance and is controlled by Tether, and the current supervision is getting stricter and the risk is too high, which is not conducive to the long-term sustainable development of MetaForce in the future.
Why Choose To Join MetaForce ?
Because it is a decentralised long term, safe, simple, understandable, effective and lucrative business. It’s a new trend and you are right in the beginning of it’s development!
1、Small Starting Capital
You can get started with just $10 worth of DAI stablecoin, but it's recommended you open as many slots as you possible can afford.Earn rich income.
2、Unlimited Income Potential
You can earn unlimited amount of worth of DAI stablecoin on all levels available on MetaForce! You cycle unlimited times on all levels you have activated!
3、Instant Payouts
You get your payouts instantly and directly into your Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Token Poket. No need to request withdrawals, its all automated!
4、 100% Of Funds Goes Directly To Members
100% of the funds are going straight to members' Polygon wallets, MetaForce creators don't touch or keep your Crypto USD, DAI stablecoin.
5、Complete Transparency
You can see the transactions and the income of everyone in the MetForce project transparently on the BlockChain.
6、Automatic Re-Investments & Upgrades
Unlimited Automatic Re-Investment system that allows you to EARN MORE from the same partners you refer, and system of upgrades creates a HUGE TURNOVER!
Force - New Level of Forsage Evolution:

Burning Questions to Meta Force Founder:
Friendly reminder: 
No financial advice can be given  You have to go through the materials and determine by yourself if this is a good investment for you. No one can predict the future ROI an it's not wise to promise you any ROI.

Disclaimer: This site is not an official site of Meta Force,We only do project introduction and Join help,  and is for informational purposes only. Use at your own discretion. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Risk only what you can afford to lose. Be aware of your country’s restrictions in regards to participating with this program and act accordingly.

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Metaforce is an upgrade to the popular Forsage. Meta Force is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You can earn income fast and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet. You receive 100% as referral commission; Even wider spillovers possibilities, Unlimited Income Potential.You can get started with just $10 USD, This is a golden opportunity nobody will want to miss.=>【Click Here to Join Now】
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