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Learn Uniteverse marketing and Forcecoin tokenomics

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It's time to prepare for the launch of Meta Force's core program, the Uniteverse, as well as the launch of Forcecoin at the same time.
  Learn Uniteverse marketing and Forcecoin tokenomics.
  Prepare your wallet, take care of its security, don't use it for any other task than connecting with Meta Force.
  Sign up for Meta Force if you haven't been a participant yet.
  Prepare enough DAI in your wallet, depending on how many tiers you plan to activate and purchase Forcecoin.
  You should have some MATIC on your wallet (1 is enough) to pay transaction fees on the Polygon blockchain.
  If you are developing a business with us, keep in touch with your team.
  Share this opportunity with your friends, show them a presentation and if they are interested, give them your referral link.
  Follow the countdown timer on the website and the news.
  Be very careful! At the moment of launch, scammers and our opponents can become more active. They are already ordering dislikes for us. Most likely there will be a huge DDoS attack, but we are ready for it.
During the initial offer period, the only way to mine Forcecoin is to participate in the Uniteverse marketing program. Depending on which level you have activated, you will be given your allocation limit. According to the algorithm of the coin, the earlier you buy, the cheaper it gets to you.
In addition, you can receive Forcecoin as rewards, matrix and referral, if you develop business with us.
At the same time, you are given a choice: to receive rewards in forcecoins, or in DAI.
But what if you want to earn forcecoins in the Uniteverse matrix, but you also need DAI?
We remind you that there is a Classic (Tactile) program where payouts will be in DAI until Forcecoin enter the open market.
Therefore, it is better if you develop both Meta Force programs at once!
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