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There was a Zoom call with a huge international team. It was a very powerful experience, which helped to highlight our main goals and define ways of ecosystem development. Our founder, Lado Okhotnikov, has answered questions that users asked. 

1. When are MFS coins planned to be traded on the open market?
Now we are exactly in the middle of the MultiMining period. This is an important period for long-term successful development and a strong foundation for tokenomics. It should not last too long, but not too short. The market launch is planned for the end of August.
2. Is it possible to create a staking program for MFS coins (because it will help to increase the sales of the MFS as well as reward the users who are waiting with coins showing as internal balance)?
If you have studied the Uniteverse marketing plan, you should know that the program already has a unique kind of staking that is useful for the system.
In addition, we focus on DEX, which, as practice shows *, turned out to be the right choice. Moreover, we also need to create liquidity pools. Of course, we are ready to fill them by ourselves, but we are going to open the possibility for participants to receive passive income in this way.
We focus on economically sound ways to generate income. Yes, they can be harder to understand and harder to create. It’s much easier to create a simple pyramid and offer simple, understandable income figures, but we have always rejected any pyramid schemes because we are building a long-term, reliable business.
3. How do you feel about the sales of the MFS? Is it going slower or faster than you anticipated, and how can we increase sales and incentives?
I was prepared in advance for one of three scenarios. The first is the optimistic option, and the second is the pessimistic one. But in reality, we have a third scenario — the middle one, which I call realistic, that is, the most probable.
We started the launch during the bear market when interest in cryptocurrencies was minimal.
But bear and bull markets follow each other, so a new wave of interest always comes after declines. Imagine how much growth potential Forcecoin will have when there is global growth in cryptocurrencies if we have achieved success even in difficult times!
I appreciate the efforts of each of you. If you want to increase sales, then you need to carefully study everything about Meta Force and convey this information to people. After all, Meta Force is still a heavily undervalued company, but soon the moment will come and the potential will be revealed more clearly. Of course, more benefits will be released to those who saw and used the potential earlier.
4. Why is the value of MFS not moving higher even though there have been a lot of sales already?
Do you mean value on polygonscan? But after all, as of today, MFS has not entered the market yet.
Or do you mean the price according to the algorithm? There, the price is growing, and it is already 0.35 DAI, whereas, in the beginning, it was 0.25 DAI.
Just look: throughout this period, the crypto had been falling in price while Forcecoin only grew. In recent days, the market has turned in the direction of growth, and immediately we saw an increase in interest in Meta Force. When we exit the market, the potential for Forcecoin growth will be multiple times higher.
5. Why do we need the reactivation of the tiers inside the Uniteverse? What is the benefit for those that reactivate?
For those of you who are developing business, this question does not arise because, by extending your tiers, you continue to receive income from matrix bonuses.
If you came here only for Forcecoin, then the extension gives you a new opportunity to still buy it at low prices. When renewing the tier, it is 5 times cheaper if you pay with Forcecoin, but the coinsets are the same as the first activation.
Once on the market, tiers will be levels of access to the Metaverse that will be extended to anyone who wants to continue using their Metaverse capabilities.
6. Are there difficulties in upgrading the Royalty NFTs to the newer version? And what is the solution?
Migration to a new, third version takes place only now, today evening or tomorrow.
After all, this is WEB3 and complex connections, so no wonder it's not that easy. We do our best to ensure that everything works out for you in the new migration without any difficulties.
Then, when it is fully established, we will completely lock the ability to make even these kinds of changes, and this will be important for the value of NFT in the global market.
7. When are the Royalty NFTs going to pay the first dividends?
A week after the start of the migration to the third version. We must ensure that all accruals are fair.
There is no need to worry about these payments. The Fund continues to replenish, and besides, it is not long to wait.
8. What are the conditions that some users faced that disqualified them from receiving the payouts?
We give a zero rating in cases where SFC/NFT cheating is obvious. These are participants who set accounts for themselves in large numbers. As a result, they simply transferred DAI to their accounts, receiving bonuses from themselves. They didn't create teams and didn't improve our Community; they just parasitized us.
And the worst thing is that they downgrade the value of NFTs like that unless the measures we take are put in place.
9. What is the progress on the Metaverse? 
The Metaverse will open in beta in the near future when the financial system is connected. There are complex calculations and extremely high responsibilities. We build sophisticated defenses and go through many auditing steps to make sure our system is up to any threat.
10. What’s next on the Roadmap?
We recently had several posts on this topic. We have described the updated Roadmap on the website and then also considered a short-term roadmap, which is a more detailed analysis of upcoming events.
Do you want me to read the post to you?... Or, I think you can read it yourself…
Soon we will be ready to launch the Marketplace for our products. Our NFTs and other products will be presented there, and there will be an opportunity to add the partners’ products on marketplace. This will enable the next steps, namely the launch of the Tactile Program product line, which will have NFTs with features you have never seen anywhere else, as well as the Loyalty Program, which will open a new page of the Tactile Matrix Program.
11. What are your plans to ensure demand and price growth of MFS in the future?
Everything is balanced here. Forcecoin losing nothing. We attract more people to the Royalty NFT, which motivates them to be interested in our products to get Energy, and for the products they will need again - our forcecoins!
We have a limited emission, all coins are strictly for their intended purpose, the excess is burned. Forcecoin will be used for our entire metaverse, all products and services, all programs. You can already see how actively people are getting involved in our programs, even at the stage before the launch of the products. At the same time, the programs contain burning and freezing algorithms, which will further increase the MFS deficit. The variety of products will increase, the audience will expand and grow. We do our best to ensure that demand exceeds supply. At the same time, the listing strategy is such that we are not dependent on centralized exchanges, which means that we will not be subjected to artificial manipulations, as happens with most coins.
* Amazing things are happening in the US these days regarding cryptocurrencies, including squeezing top crypto exchanges out of the country. This all is about centralized crypto exchanges, and now it turns out that in the United States, a new crypto exchange that will not store customers' cryptocurrencies is being created. In fact, it will be a decentralized crypto exchange.
The trend is that trust in centralized exchanges is falling. More and more people are using decentralized exchanges. DEX is the future, and this is the near future!

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