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NFTs in Meta Force VS Speculative NFTs

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NFTs in Meta Force VS Speculative NFTs
If we take an honest look at the NFT market, we'll see that it's speculative in nature. Unfortunately, most of the products do not have a real value and are created for a sole purpose to get quick money. Nowadays almost everyone has heard that it's possible to buy NFT tokens and earn on them, yet few people really understand which of the NFTs have real power behind. 
As a result, many projects make some hazy products and collections. They promise over-the-moon profits to potential investors. But most often, they fail, putting another dark spot on the NFT and cryptoworld reputation, as a whole. But I believe that's a normal situation and it's better to take it as it is, avoiding risks meantime. 
We, at Meta Force, have always been moving towards the "anti-pyramid" direction, creating real value for our investors. The same goes for all the NFTs represented or about to be represented in Meta Force. We strongly believe all the NFTs we have will be valuable in the Meta-universe in the future: real estate, valuable assets, cars, advertising. We are going to create great opportunities for business inside the metaverse. 
As a result, our NFTs will always be valuable and will have an economic foundation. They will never be speculative and pyramidal assets aimed at simply getting profit. We create real opportunities for constant economic growth and new sources of passive income.
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