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MetaForce NFT Update on Opensea trading

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Update on Opensea trading!
The technical issues with the platform have been resolved, and trading on OpenSea has been restored. You can now freely trade Royalty NFT without any restrictions. It's a great opportunity to get NFT with Energy at a low price while impatient users sell them before the realization of their value.
Attention! When purchasing Just NFT (NFT without status), it is necessary to pay attention to the Energy level! The point of buying Just NFT is to obtain Energy from it. If the Energy level of Just NFT is 0, then such NFT will not add Energy when merged. Therefore, such NFT should only be purchased from users who do not have their own NFT.
To check the Energy level in Just NFT on the Opensea platform, click on the "Levels" tab.
Updated links:
Just NFT -
Activator -
Supervisor -
Manager -
If you have a problem with NFT merging, contact support.
The system should track users with suspicious transactions (SFC manipulations).
If this is not your case, we can check it. You can find technical support in the personal account on the website.

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