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Popular Questions and Answers
Visited zoom today with the Indian team (1000 people at the meeting) where they asked questions that concern many in our Community.
Therefore, I will duplicate the answers here.
 Did you manage to solve «the Matic balance problem»? 
 Yes, all the causes that we identified have been fixed. These were several steps solving process, because it was different causes.
For some participants it was fixed faster, but others had to wait more. 
Anyway to date we completely solved it. 
If we discover new cases, we will investigate and fix them. We quickly respond to any issues and fix them immediately.
In general, the very fact that problems can arise during a launch, is a natural process. Especially such a complex and unusual one, as Uniteverse.
If you have any issue, you can send information to our technical support - on the site, or here: @Meta_force_TEC
  When is the Royalty NFT payout?
 It is necessary to prepare everything correctly, there are many nuances.
Now we will conduct one more audit of Royalty NFT.
This week we will connect an updated contract. And then it remains only to connect the interface.
  Many complain that they bought a coinset, but do not see Energy on their balance.
 This is either a mapping error or a wrong expectation.
In terms of marketing, Energy only relies on buying forcoins as part of a coinset. And some mistakenly expect to receive Energy upon buyout on the request, or earned from marketing.
In case that you bought a coinset, but do not see Energy on your balance, then this is only a display error in your personal account.
When buying a coinset, in fact, Energies are credited, it’s just that some users don’t see them on the site yet. But this will be fixed soon.
  What is the nearest in the roadmap?
 So, I just told about Royalty NFT connection, it is the first.
Also we are getting ready to launch the Great Contest. This will be a big set of different contests, which we are preparing as a whole separate project to motivate the entire Community to actively develop Meta Force and create a lot of materials.
Next, we will have the launch of a full-fledged Tactile product line and an upgraded Tactile-related marketing system. This is a Loyalty program and cashback tokens.
We are also preparing a virtual world in Metaverse, - it is remain just to connect the payment protocol in cryptocurrency.
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