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Your profit from TR tokens

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Your profit from TR tokens
During this period, TR tokens are awarded for activating the levels of slots of the Tactile (Classic) program.
In this article, we will figure out why it is beneficial for you — both to receive your own TR personally, and also to have more TR for your invitees and their invitees.
As soon as Loyalty and Cashback tokens start, the distribution of TR for activating slot levels will stop.
After that, we can calculate the results and distribute the forcecoins by the coefficient.
To determine your share, you need to calculate TRC and TRCC.
TRC is a ratio calculated based on the number of your personal TR, plus the TR of your referrals, plus the TR of 2nd level referrals (invited by your invitees).
TRCC is a final ratio backed by the amount of forcecoins you have.
Personal TRs give a ratio of 1:3, i.e. the number of your TRs gives triple the amount of TRC.
TR of direct referrals (personally invited), at least 3 partners are considered.
3 of your personally invited partners with the most TR are taken into account and the amount by which they match (the minimum number of these three) is taken into account. For example, referral#1 has 3000 TR, #2 has 3700 TR, and #3 has 2500 TR. All three match on the number 2500.
Accordingly, in this example, the first 3 referrals give 7500 TRC
TR of the remaining direct referrals (from the 4th and following) give TRC at a ratio of 1:1. That is, every 1 TR gives 1 TRC.
TR of referrals of the 2nd level (invited invitees).
They are taken into account in the same way, separately for each partner, at a ratio of 2:1.
With personal TR, everything is simple.
With TR referrals, I will give an example.
Tim invited Jim, and a few other partners.
Jim invited five: Vasya, Stasya, Olya, Kolya and Gustav
Vasya's = 5115 TR
Stacya's = 2555 TR
Olya's = 1275 TR
Kolya's = 2555 TR
Gustav's = 635 TR
We take the highest values from referrals: 5115, 2555 and 2555. Matching number = 2555. Total amount of three = 7665.
TR of the 4th and 5th referrals are simply summed up, 1275+635 = 1910.
Total = 9575
For Jim, this gives 9575 TRC.
For Tim — 4787.5 TRC
Tim can also have other level 2 referrals, whose TRC is calculated in the same way.
An additional condition is that each point is backed by the participant's MFS.
For example, you have 20,000 TRC and 15,000 forcecoins.
In this case, you have 15,000 TRCC.
If you have 20,000 forcecoins or more, then you have 20,000 TRCC.
As a result, the amount of TRCC you have will be taken into account, which will determine your share of forcecoins in this distribution.
The summary is very simple. To get the most out of your giveaway, you need as many as possible:
 personal TR (but this requires the first activations)
 TR of your personally invited (minimum of 3 partners)
 TR of invited by your invitees (counted from 3 partners)
 Forcecoins on your balance.
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