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Forcecoins are actively bought up by participants

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Forcecoins are actively bought up by participants, and we have to introduce restrictions.
By popular demand of our Community, we are making changes related to the ability to redeem forcecoin by requests. According to the active participants of Meta Force, the old rule, the same for everyone, demotivates many to upgrade tiers.
From now on, for additional purchases (buyout upon request), at the moment of order execution, extra forcecoins will be issued, which are sent to the Airdrop Pool.
Airdrop Pool is a great idea for our plans! Just the missing link for the 2nd part of our Global Competition Marathon. The 2nd part of the Marathon is planned right after forcecoin goes to the open market, and now we will have an Airdrop Pool just for this purpose!
Participants with any Tier still can create buyout requests. 
The higher the tier, the more profitable the ratio for the participant.
The participant's funds in request are distributed, depending on the level:
1 Tier – 50% to Wallet / 50% to Pool
2 Tier – 52.5% to Wallet / 47.5% to Pool
3 Tier – 55% to Wallet / 45% to Pool
4 Tier – 60% to Wallet / 40% to Pool
5 Tier – 65% to Wallet / 35% to Pool
6 Tier – 70% to Wallet / 30% to Pool
7 Tier – 80% to Wallet / 20% to Pool
8 Tier – 90% to Wallet / 10% to Pool
9 Tier - 100% to the Wallet
This rule will strengthen our tokenomics. Since it motivates to upgrade tiers, which will strengthen the development of teams that promote our System. At the same time, forcecoins issued for the Airdrop Pool will also serve as a stimulus for development, like the entire Contest Marathon.
This mechanism of commissions will be ready within ~3-4 days, before that the old rule works.
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