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Genuine Value of Royalty NFT

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How were fake Royalty NFTs created?
Let's pretend we didn't do anything about the NFT devaluation and left it as it was.
Unfortunately, at an early stage, there was a loophole for fake cheats. Many users used bots for this. They set up accounts under their accounts and created a whole infinite network. That’s how they took their money and kept it circulating. This is a parasitic scheme that does not develop the Community or help the System but rather hinders it.
By the way, on the other hand, the possibility of such a scheme itself proves the ANTI-pyramidal nature of our matrix marketing because income from the depth of the system do not go to the top. Teams earn huge amounts of money, from which the founder's ID may not receive anything at all
Different participants acted in different ways: someone used bots, creating thousands of accounts, and someone manually made dozens of them.
This all happened in the early stages when SFCs (later SFC2) were given out for activations that could be used as Energy.
Such SFCs were later merged to charge, or sold on OpenSea, which was overwhelmed with extremely cheap NFTs.
Why can't NFT of the Royalty programs be cheap?
The price of 10–30 DAI for Activator and even more like 7,000–15,000 DAI for MCM is absurd!
Even 10 times more expensive than the indicated price is absurd. Count by yourself:
The receipt of SFC for each DAI that replaces Energy (later there was already SFC2, which replaced only 1/2 of Energy) is limited by the maximum number of slot levels in Tactile (Classic).
Now, in order to get Energy, you need to buy Forcecoins as part of Coinset, which is also very limited.
With the introduction of products, opportunities for Energy will expand, but the requirements will become more complex over time.
Thus, the minimum ratio of 1 Energy is equal to 1 DAI.
Activator equals minimum 3,500 DAI.
Each next status level is three times more expensive.
At the seventh level, MCM equals minimum 2,551,500 DAI.
What if all NFTs is given amnesty?
That's what I wanted to do — be as loyal as possible. The creation of the Royalty NFT was extremely complex, and the focus was on the mechanism itself.
I don't mind generously giving away bonuses to different people, but then we calculated how many NFTs we have: it turned out that there were 206,083 Just NFTs, 149,626 Activators, 32,593 Supervisors, 8,108 Managers, 2,163 Pro-Managers, 571 Pacesetters, 137 Ambassadors, and 30 MCMs. It's too much!
We calculated how much the payments would be: there was 1 DAI on Activator status, 6 DAI on Supervisor status, and so on.
This is the result of two months, but per day or week, such a payment would be several times less.
What would be the consequences of amnesty?
The figures shown above could no longer be increased because there were already a lot of NFT holders who received their assets for pennies.
With such numbers, the participants would be completely demotivated to create and upgrade such NFTs. Their market value could become even cheaper than what the scammers sold them for. And the program would be meaningless for the Community.
Collecting 3,500 of these hard-to-get Energy for the first status, then get three times more for each subsequent one to get worthless bonuses — who will even do so?
The consequences of filtering artificial inflation
It didn’t go without negativity, partly because the cheaters themselves create the noise and partly because it is psychologically challenging for many to accept a rating below 100. Everyone has seen Royalty NFTs at cheap prices, and people have lost their sense of their high value. Therefore, not everyone understands that a status NFT means a lot.
However, for the long-term functioning of the program, everything falls into place. People will motivate themselves and others to create turnovers that develop our company.
The high status will yield big profits, but they will correspond to the benefits that the participant brought.
Why is it so difficult and expensive?
Because it's Royalty, an opportunity that is not available to everyone. Royalty is for the most active and strong leaders. It requires huge resources from the participants.
If you want easily accessible NFTs, then we will have such an offer soon. These will be NFT Goods, which will be possible to freeze (hold) and receive passive income from.
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