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The Royalty NFT is a program within the Meta Force Space eco

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The Royalty NFT is a program within the Meta Force Space ecosystem.
The Royalty NFT will simply create an additional stream of passive income for members of Meta Force Space. In order word, you will keep earning ad infinitum in both Force Classic and in the Royalty NFT.                                                                                                                              
The status program consists of 7 levels of NFT. Royalty bonuses ( Implemented in the NFT format) are accrued from the total turnover of the MetaForce system. Having 5 levels in the Classic Program, you can generate Just NFT for one account. Once UniteVerse starts, the conditions for receiving will be as follows: 5 levels in the Classic program plus 3 levels of UniteVerse .                                                                                             
Just NFT is a basic zero-level NFT
By charging the NFT with Energy you achieve statuses that provide you with income from the global revenue pool.
Just NFT has no status, therefore, does not receive a share from the turnover.
Energy tokens are awarded for different types of activity in Meta Force programs. In order to start receiving income from the revenue, your NFT should reach at least the first status. In the future, there will be plenty of opportunities to accumulate Energy, but charging your Nfs will become harder Just net You will need 3500 Energy tokens to reach level one, unlocking the
Activator status.
After you charge the basic NFT to 1st status level - Activator, the system will mint a new Just for you.
The first participants receive SFC / SFC2 for participating in the matrix
program, which can be used as Energy.                                                                                                                             
To gain Supervisor status, you must collect 3 NFTs of Activator-Level 1 status and combine them. After the merge, the 3 NFT Activator NFTs are burned, and in their place, you will have 1 NFT of the next Supervisor level. Percentage of bonuses - 30% of the turnover of Meta Force products forms a pool for Royalty bonuses. 
Activator status distribution pool - 10%                                                                                                                     
Supervisor status distribution pool - 11%

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