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The tokenomics of the Meta Force coin is non-standard.

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At the initial stage, the opportunity to purchase will be open only to participants of the UniteVerse program.
In recent days, we have received a lot of proposals about tokenomics.
But the mechanisms that are offered are all standard. Of course, they have already been worked out and tested in practice.
But there are big problems with the standard options.
What the proposed standard mechanisms do not take into account:
 - Meta Force scales;
 - Increasing attack on the crypto industry by regulators;
 - The speculative nature of conventional tokenomics.
Therefore, the methods that were used before by others are not suitable for us.
The scale we are dealing with will grow even more. However, the current scale is enough to choose a strategy more responsibly than ordinary crypto projects can afford.
Regulators began to behave extremely aggressively. They are looking for all ways to destroy cryptocurrencies - of course, they will not succeed, and they will drown themselves, but in this fight for liberty, in order to better defend, an impeccable legal background is needed.
The tokenomics of the Meta Force coin is non-standard. Everything is interconnected here, you can’t just add or subtract something in it. It is in the uniqueness of tokenomics that the Force of our Coin lies.
At the initial stage, when the coin is only available to participants, there will be three ways to get it.
 1) As part of a complete tier
 2) Along with referral rewards if you build a business with us
 3) The ability to buy coins from those who choose referral rewards in DAI
Tiers activation is the only way to issue Force coins at the initial stage. The price increase at the initial stage occurs according to a predetermined algorithm, and then, with the entry into the market, everything is decided by supply and demand.
The total supply of all coins is limited and will never increase. And the mechanisms that will increase the demand for the Coin will become more and more.
We will describe the tokenomics in more detail soon. In particular, we will justify why we are so sure that when the Сoin enters the market, its growth will be even stronger.
To achieve these goals, we must be consistent and protect as much as possible from possible speculation.

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