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The launch of MetaForce Uniteverse will begin in the coming

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The launch of MetaForce Uniteverse will begin in the coming days. It's not a simple and ordinary launch, and it involves several components, so it will happen in stages. All the main product components are ready, and preparations for the launch are actively underway. A full launch will be possible a week after testing. During the preparation process, necessary tests and system checks continue to ensure its safety and reliability.
Launch stages:
• First, it's necessary to help users who haven't secured their wallets from hacker attacks (to prevent wallet hacking, follow basic rules, don't give anyone your seed phrase, don't use unverified bridges). This stage will begin with collecting information on replacing hacked wallet addresses. We're using a new tool called "internal balance". Detailed information on this will be available in the coming days.
• Next, we will migrate users to the core contract, which is an important new layer in the Meta Force ecosystem. This mission had been planned before but seemed impossible. However, now we have found a solution and are ready to realize it.
• After that, we will launch the "internal balance" management service.
• And finally, we will carry out the main launch of Uniteverse.
In the coming days, there will be a description of Uniteverse available for you to thoroughly examine its features and advantages.
As of now, we're targeting March 22 as the launch date. Keep in mind that the date may be subject to change during the process if necessary during testing.

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