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Meta Force Competition for the best video

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We are ready to announce the nominees! 
Competition for the best video.
Wow, that was amazing. We watched 776 of your video works several times. To be honest, it was difficult to choose the best ones, but we found those who were able to stand out with their talents and show their love for our common platform, Meta Force.
We have determined the nominees, but decided to review all the works again to notice all worthy participants. We approached the selection of nominees with great responsibility and are ready to give even more than you expect. Next week, we will announce the winners and reward them with cash prizes.
We remind you of the generous prizes in the competition:
 1st place - $10,000
 2nd place - $5,000
 3rd place - $2,500 (2 winners)
 4th place - $500 (20 winners)
 5th place - $200 (50 winners)
Dear winners, be prepared to tell the world about your achievement! And we will be happy for you. Follow the news and get ready for the next competitions!
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