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Royalty NFT Presentation,MetaForce Official Event

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Dear partners of the Meta Force community
So, what is already on the roadmap for the near future?
 The launch of the Royalty NFT program
 The launch date will be announced with an additional update from Mr. Lado
 In the first phase, SFC tokens acquired by Users from the classic program can be used to boost their NFT status, and with these NFTs royalties, you will be able to get some revenue from products base. The products will be linked to the metaverse.
 There are a lot of things planned in the METAVERSE and You will be able to start using the metaverse from the Early Stage of Launch coming soon.
 After the NFT Royalty program is started, The Unite Verse and Metaverse will be started.
 The Unite verse and the Metaverse will be linked together. They will have a lot of features within the metaverse, a lot of gamification and games within the metaverse and, in fact, a whole way for people to communicate, to play games, to make money in the metaverse.
So there's a whole team of programmers working on the metaverse to effect the metaverse format, and metaverse tomorrow will be special still. Where some videos will be shot, for promotional materials for the next phases of Meta-force Ecosystem
 The most important thing is that, like so much else, this is laid out from the beginning. This is a long-term project, and no one is going to pass up an opportunity, so this is a small update.
 In future We are having Update Webinar, Q & A, and AMA sessions with Our Top-most Officials and Founders.
Royalty NFT Presentation - MetaForce Official Event:
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