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MetaForce UniteVerse is a core program

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This is the first introductory video in the UniteVerse series.
Finally, we will reveal all the secrets that we have been hiding for a long time, because we are constantly copied by competitors, and there are also many fakes, so we all need to be vigilant.
UniteVerse is a new era in the world of decentralized applications, in the world of Metaverses and cryptocurrencies.
Since UniteVerse is a core program, after its launch, we will be able to fully implement Meta Force 2.0
In particular, we will realize the full version of Classic, which after the rebranding will be called Tactile.
Upcoming topics in the series:
 - How Tokenomics Works
 - UniteVerse Delta (non-divided matrix)
 - The Metaverse as an imitation of reality
 - MANA program
UniteVerse & Other Layers Of Our Metaverse:

The four elements of the Meta Force's Metaverse are: UniteVerse, Tactile, Boost and OverReal.
There is also Royalty NFT, we can say that this is the Fifth Element, but it is contained in each of the main four, and is their link.
♦️UniteVerse is the main layer of the Metaverse, with an imitation of real life. 
♦️Tactile — in this direction we have the consumer goods, necessary both in the Metaverse and in our real life.
♦️Boost — is games in special game zones in which their own laws are formed, this is a different reality, as if in another dimension.
♦️OverReal is like an addition to reality, games and shows in the middle of real life.
UniteVerse is our core program, the source of everything else in our universe.
A world similar to our real one is being formed here; maximum imitation of the real world and the implementation of decentralized principles that are the most effective.
UniteVerse Delta is an impeccably calculated affiliate program in a non-divisible matrix format. All 100% of the turnover of the affiliate program are the income of the participants.
Together with UniteVerse, the Force coin is launched, on which the entire economy of our entire Metaverse is built.
The cryptonomics of the Force coin is absolutely unique.
At the initial stage, the emission takes place through participation in the UniteVerse Delta, there will be no other ways to receive the coin before the market enters.
The growth of the coin at the first stage is embedded in a decentralized smart contract algorithm. 

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